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M&R is committed to building relationships with every client-a relationship built on our dependability, quality and value. There are several advantages to buying from M&R.
One benefit is that we are both a fabricator and installer of HVAC systems. Having salespersons and officers that have firsthand installation experience means we better understand the urgency, nuances, and application of the finished products.
M&R has licensed professional engineering capabilities in house. This helps us work with you to budget projects that may not be competely designed yet. It also helps our understanding and credibility when it comes to value engineering your projects and creating 'win-wins'.
Finally, buying ductwork direct from M&R helps quicken response times to inquiries and allows us to be more competitive in our pricing.
We look forward to serving.
  • Two coil lines used to produce single wall, lined or double wall rectangular duct systems
  • Ability and project experience direct downloading 3D ductwork models from Revit/SysQue or CAD-MEP/TSI software directly to our coil lines. This saves you the time of having to hand take off and send in lists, increases accuracy, allows us to piece mark exactly how you have set in your 3D model.
Spiral Duct
  • Two spiral machines capable of making duct from 3" up to 60" diameter spiral pipe.
  • Made to SMACNA gauges or other gauges
  • Can provide in aluminum, stainless, galvanized, paint grip material and epoxy coated
  • Can be made as single wall or double wall construction
  • Able to make spiracoustic/acoustically lined round duct
Longitudinal seam Ductwork
  • Offered in round or rectangular shapes and from 5 foot to 10 foot
  • Gauge offerings vary by size. but we have experience building between 22 gauge and ΒΌ" plate thicknesses
  • Uses vary but primarily used for laboratory or grease duct applications
Shipboard Duct
  • Approved vendor for making shipboard duct for local shipbuilding corporation
  • Ability to make spiral duct in Aluminum 3003 and 5052 alloys
  • Offered in powder coating
Ductwork and HVAC accessories

  • Security bars
  • Roof Curbs
  • Volume dampers
  • Blast gates
  • Roof curb adaptors
  • Equipment rails
Other Fabrication capabilities

We also have experience producing the following products

  • Ship consoles
  • Exhaust Hoods
  • Roof caps
  • Equipment platforms, rails and curbs
  • Large structural pipe and ductwork support systems
Please call us with any of your fabrication questions or requests.